The Quranology Diaries (vol. 2)

Sharia Police

The implementation of the ‘shariah police’ alongside the conventional police force in many Muslim nations, is a manifestation of one of the extreme spectrum of religious insecurity of the masses.

The Hijab

A country has lost its social sanity if it deems that a legislation is needed to cover or uncover the hair of a woman! Religionists and anti-religionists equally have no business and authority to constrain women in regards to what they should or should not wear.

On The Importance of The Meaning of Life

When the natural desire to seek the meanings and purposefulness of our own lives evaporates into hedonism, life becomes hollow and bleak. In such societies popular personalities and popular sports become our addictive antidepressants.

Queen Elizabeth’s Passing

Muzlamics are gonna go into a frenzy when they see someone make a little prayer for the queen!

May Allah forgive and have mercy on her soul.

How Muslims Read the Quran

I’m a clever and good Muslim. So, I bought a book for guidance called the Qur’an, which I hymn and chant the words melodiously in Arabic, but I don’t try to probe the meaning of the sounds I’m singing, because it will be too mazy for me and it may inadvertently lead me astray. So, for guidance I go to the local Imam, who takes that risk for me and learns its meanings and then guides me in return for a fee, whilst always warning and reminding me the dangers of trying to probe into the meanings on my own accord. What a selfless Imam!

This is a series of articles featuring snippets from the Quranology FB stream.

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