The Quranology Diaries (vol. 6)

Trustworthiness And Justness Ordained

"God hereby ordains that you discharge diligently any trusts you are entrusted with to the legitimate proprietor, and to always judge between people justly. Indeed, God exhorts you to the most excellent qualities, and he is all-hearing and all-seeing." (4:58)

English rendition by Adam Sayid

If the often quoted statement from Hadith-centric Muslims, “whoever imitates a people becomes one of them,” is related to the sinful lifestyle of a particular group of people, then I can somewhat accept the reasoning, otherwise it is theologically justified xenophobia.

Human Beings Are The Custodians Of Earth

"Behold, when your lord announced to the angels, 'I am going to advance the humans as the custodians of earth.' They reasoned, 'Why would you advance a species whose freewill will derail them to fall into a tangle of chaos and bloodshed?! Why not something like us who are established only to glorify your praises and to venerate only you with our complete submission?!' God responded saying, 'Unfortunately, there are knowledge of things I possess which you cannot fully comprehend." (2:30)

English rendition by Adam Sayid

If you need to know which religion a person belongs to to help a fellow human being, it connotes that you aren’t even human enough; and if this condition was caused/taught by the religion you are following, then this indicates that the devil has compromised your religion

Take Notice Of The Babylonian Numbering System

"I sent Noah to address his people, and he strived for a thousand years bar fifty, to rehabilitate them, and yet the people continued with their human rights violations; so the deluge submerged and destroyed them." (29:14)

English rendition by Adam Sayid

As someone who has been a student of the Qur’an for over 30 years, and still going, I strongly believe and witness everyday that the Qur’an is a force to be reckoned with, and with the current state of affairs of the world, I believe it needs more human attention, not less, to keep the world under check. It is a powerful agency for hope and change, as it can effortlessly reach out to the human trapped inside the bigoted, the fanatic, the sectarian, and the wicked.

Establish A Coalition For Peace

"Whenever two parties fall into embroilment from among you, the rest of you should come together to arbitrate and negotiate a peace agreement between them. Thereafter, if one party fails to honour it and continues to be the aggressor, then take combative measures, if necessary, to constrain them until they submit to the rule of God. If they submit and return to the peace table, you should reconcile the two parties amicably and implement justice between them; and remember that God loves the people of justice." (49:9)

English rendition by Adam Sayid

Use your intellect

Blind adherence over time cripples rationality and the critical faculty, to the point where an individual fears the use of it. Hence it is observable that some people’s faculty of critical thinking is neglected for so long that they are afraid to use it anymore.

What’s most unfortunate is that this is a learned characteristic reserved only for the fundamental questions of life; as the same person can show a high grade of critical analysis when it comes to running a business for example, but follows the most absurd and illogical ideas when it comes to religion!

In-fact, we may all live and inhabit the same world, but only a small fraction of us use critical thinking in our apprehensions of it. The vast majority use paranoia, superstition, mythology, self-delusions, distorted-basis, emotions etc.

The Qur’an is clear on using our own intellect, as self-intellectualisation is the key out of dogmatism;

"verily, the worst of all the creatures to God are those who do not use their intellect; who are wilfully deaf and dumb." [8:22] 
"many of the 'jinns' and humans are worse than animals and are destined for Hell, as they wilfully neglect using their hearts, eyes and ears to hearken to the truth." [7:179]

No matter how much they try to portray as intellectually prudent, Hadith-centric theological model is based on blind following; all their supposed intellectuality are simply repeated conjuring up of regurgitated data!

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