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In the Quranist world, we have relatively few written materials compared to the world of Traditionalists. The reason may be simply that we are much fewer in numbers. Whatever the reason, we welcome our books with great enthusiasm. Biblical Mullahs deserves such a welcome.

Biblical Mullahs was written by someone who clearly knows his field. In the introduction itself, where he explains his choice of pseudonym of ‘Abu Hurairah’, he gives us the fatal blow to Bukhari’s ‘rigorous’ vetting of Hadith narrators.  The real Abu Hurairah was a companion of Nabi Muhammad. He spent only three years with Muhammad yet narrated the most number of Hadith!

Even Muslim scholars have questioned the historical content of Abu Hurairah’s narrations showing contradictions in the timeline. Not only that, but there are also some mythical and folkloric elements in them. Imagine, if the Traditionalists’ most trusted narrator can fail our scrutiny, what more other narrators?

Biblical Mullahs was broken down very systematically indeed showing how the author built his case. Some of the chapters include how The Islamic priesthood created an Islam based on the Bible rather than the Quran; how Saheeh Al Bukhari was actually written centuries later; the creation of some artificial and very draconian laws; how the Islamic priesthood modified what is allowed and forbidden in Islam and various deconstructions of the so-called Islamic pillars of religion.

Some of the more controversial topics include how the historical ‘muhammad’ is not in The Quran; How The Quran does not teach an afterlife with heaven and hell and who actually wrote The Quran. Controversial as they may seem, they do nevertheless provide us with much food for thought. Hence we should engage with them without fear or favour.

I highly recommend Biblical Mullahs for anyone interested in clearing the misconceptions which obscure us from the truth about Islam.

The book’s 2019 edition may be read and downloaded here on NSM, while the latest edition from 2021 may be purchased on Amazon.

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