A Possible Origin of the Islamic Ritual Prayers?

The salat prayers is one of the distinct symbols of the Muslim world. Whenever any picture is shown of Muslims ‘worship’, we would probably see pictures of Traditional Muslims performing the ritual prayers. They perform it five times daily with supererogatory prayers as well.

Traditional Muslims believe that the command to pray five times a day came with the event of the night journey and ascension (isra’ wal mi’raaj) where Nabi Muhammad met Allah and negotiated with Him to bring down the number of prayers from fifty to five! (Al Isra was extensively discussed in an earlier article)

However, is this actually true? These below pictures show that that may not be the case. These show statues from the ancient civilisation of Egypt which existed from 3200 to 300 BCE. This would mean that, at the very least, these statues came 600 years before Muhammad!

Could this mean that the Islamic ritual prayers came from ancient Egypt or perhaps that these postures are natural and universal and so can be derived without revelation?

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  1. Yes please elaborate more on how prayers is done as revealed in the quran. Never in doubt that the ‘negotiation’ is all manmade with a ‘happy ending’.

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