The Quranology Diaries (vol. 4)

Halloween party in Saudi Arabia

Entering Islam does not wipe out all sins

I wholeheartedly welcome #AndrewTate to the light of the Qur’an and every individual who are attracted to the path of reformation. It is as much as his to own as mine or anyone in this world, as the Qur’an’s light is for all those who gravitate towards it. I hope and pray that this allows him to reform and upgrade his life to a higher level of awareness and leads his remaining life under its guidelines.

I also advise him and those who are totally besotted by his conversion and making claims that simply entering Islam wipes out all previous sins and therefore he is a clean slate, that this is not true. In fact, the Qur’an encourages us to fear God and own up to any rights of others we have usurped and amend them by making just compensations. So on the contrary, beginning to lead your life in the light of the Qur’an is a new and clean start to leaving a sin-free and pious life.

May Allah bless and accept his intentions.

Saudi Halloween Party

When a society or individual is at crossroads between two polarised and extreme positions, it is a sign of transition and reform. If all goes well, the final outcome will be the adaptation of the middle and balanced position after some necessary psychological turmoil, evaluation and resolution. The worst-case scenario is settling with the opposite extreme.

Saudi society is at a crossroads of change, and is at the reaching point of the apex of this struggle that started a long time ago, though it seems to onlookers that it’s only now they are displaying the opposite extreme. The Saudi and most Arab societies have been practising the opposite extreme behind closed doors for a very long time; especially by the educated and the elite.

Living in a box

The Qur’an didn’t come to confine people into a specific box, rather it came to help free people and their societies break out of the boxes that they’ve trapped themselves into. It is unfortunate that today Muslims confine themselves into a suffocating box in the name of the Qur’an!

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