An Analysis of 4/24 on Marriage

by Evelyn Muslimah

Please look at this stark contrast in 4:24 between the Traditional view and an interpretation corroborated by the Quran.

What Allah says: “And the honorable/ morally fortified of the women – except what your oaths decree – are to you a RULING from Allah.”

What the Mullah says: “And the married women are forbidden to you, except among the slaves”

…you can take and rape them, even if they are in a marriage.

How they lie to us!

!! From the last sentence in 4.23 it is no longer about what is forbidden, but what is OKAY, ALLOWED or MANDATORY by Allah with regard to the selection of women for marriage !!

Word explanations:

ma malakat aymanukum: what your oaths/contracts determine

Muhsanat: respectable, well-established women in moral and sexual terms (in contrast to the sexually permissive, prostitutes, with lovers)

The message of Allah is in 4.24 and 4.25: Marry respectable believing women first, and only if that is not possible then others, e.g. young women who are in dependent relationships 4.25. Allah says in this context: “And Allah knows your Iman”. Allah knows if anyone has really tried to find a respectable believing wife -before moving on to other sorts of young and less fortified girls, who might be more attractive to him .

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