The Quranology Diaries (vol. 7)

Not All Mosques Deserve Our Presence

Any mosque that practices sectarianism and only allows entry to a specific theological approach in achieving Godliness and prohibits others who differ from them, should not be given legitimacy by our presence. Such bigotry only proves that these mosques are managed by hypocrites, causing dissidence and divisions amongst the believers.

The only mosque worthy of our presence is the one built on sincerity and Godliness, in which the attendants are united on the basis of reforming themselves from wickedness, irrespective of their theological and ritualistic differences.

God Is The Source Of Sources

"Remind them to ponder over the fact, that if all the sources of water were to completely drain away, then who do they think, if not God, has the capability to bring back the running springs of water for them!" (67:30)

English rendition by Adam Sayid

Nation’s Wealth Should Not Be Siphoned Off To A Few

"Shares of the funds of all acquisitions from the provinces secured by God for his messenger, should be regulated so that it does not get siphoned off to only the plutocrats of society. Therefore, the shares should be divided for God and his messenger, the relatives, the orphans, the needy and for any migrants in need. So, be content with the allowances the messenger gives you, and refrain from taking a discretionary sum which he has not allwed. Also fear God in these regards, as he is severe in punishment in these matters." (59:7)

English rendition by Adam Sayid

It seems clerics can never let a silly thing like logic and evidence get in the way of their own endorsed deviation and practices that exploits the masses well!

God-Centric Or Prophet-Centric?

The Qur’an intends to build in us a God-centric life, whilst much of Hadith-centric theology seems to be focused on trying to build in us a prophet-centric life. They contend, in their short-sightedness, that being prophet-centric is ultimately being God-centric, as the prophet was indeed the most God-centric being.

However, the truth is that being prophet-centric there is a risk of falling into the trap of man-made rigmarole and sophistry, as such information is solely relied upon hearsay, whilst being God-centric you are automatically prophet-centric, as prophets will be the best subject of the Qur’an.

Moreover, I have observed over the years in the light of the Qur’anic wisdom, that all the sects and sub-sects of the Hadith-centric denominations there is some degree of unintended worship of the prophet. The only difference is the level of worship. The lowest degree accuses the higher degree of ‘Shirk’, and the higher degree accuses the lower degree of enmity towards Muhammad.

It’s Wise To Be People-Wise

"Believers! Do not try to befriend everyone of those outside of your fraternity. There are those who do not have your best interests at heart and actually seek to see you suffer. Their prejudice is clear in the manner they voice against you, but what their hearts hide is even worse. I have made these realities clear to you, so that you may become perceptive to them." (3:118)

English rendition by Adam Sayid

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