The System of Isra’eel Pt 2 (Quran 2/122-152)

We now proceed to the second part of the principles of isra’eel in Chapter 2 of The Quran.This is found in Ch 2 Vs 122-152. The beginning of this passage is exactly the same as the first set of principles:

2/47: Children of Israel! call to mind the special favour which I bestowed upon you, and that I preferred you to over the nations.
2/48:  Then guard yourselves against a-Day when one soul shall not avail another, nor shall compensation be accepted from her nor shall intercession profit her nor shall anyone be helped (from outside)

This is exactly the same as the beginning of 2/122-123! This shows that both these passages go back to the same concepts which is tafdheel (preferentiality). Allah Himself preferred bani isra’eel (faddhaltukum) over the worlds.

However, unlike 2/47-103 which starts with musa (2/51), 2/122-152 starts with ibraheem (2/124). This is because 2/47-103 is about the reform of a nation which is the role of musa mainly while 2/122-152 is about the establishment and role of a nation which is part of the role of ibrahim.

Ch 2 Vs 122-152 is divided into three main parts further divided into eight parts:

First part – starting principle as well actual starting principles

2/122-123: the general principle of nation
The nation is preferred and the starting principle is the primacy of the soul

2/124-130: the actual building of the nation
The fulfilment of the words and the realisation of the system. Ibrahim’s mindset with regards to the house. This includes asking God to make them a muslim nation and the seconding of the messenger. This nation is the best for the soul.

Second part

2/131-134: how to keep the nation secure
The formula towards achieving wholeness (aslim) and how we are to be at peace (aslam). The way to do this is to serve Allah (‘ibada)

2/135-141: elements which compromise the nation
The personalities of people who oppose the system of ibrahim. The way to achieve this is by following the principles of various personalities.

Third part

2/142-143: the foremost nation
People will not follow the qiblah of ibrahim’s path which is the straight path. This leads to becoming the foremost nation, the end goal of the qiblah.

2/144-146: the qiblah as masjid al haram
The adoption of the system in which the restrictions of Allah are in place is named as the qiblah. We each have a portion of masjid al haram which is our role to realise this.

2/147-150: diversity and unity
The truth which is in multiple channels (13/17). Diversity is named for each person. They then come together towards realising masjid al-haram.

2/151-152: the closing formulation
This is formulated as the mission of the rasool which is also mentioned in 2/129 but also stated in a different way. Therefore he is to bring into reality the system of peace and justice. This passage ends with dhikr, the same way in starts.

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